Vitamin D Prophylaxis Can End The Pandemic

We have been calling for vitamin D to be used to fight COVID19 since March – now seven months. The evidence was overwhelming then but fell on deaf ears.

We published a preprint of a formal proof that vitamin D could end the pandemic six weeks later in May, urgently calling for goverments to use it as a primary tactic to fight the corovavirus pandemic and prevent a second wave.

It’s now October. The evidence is simply undeniable. Their refusal to acknowledge the mountain of evidence is inexplicable. Are UK Government leaders really this scientifically illiterate?

How Effective Is Prophylaxis?

We didn’t attempt to quantify how effective vitamin D prophylaxis would be, however, previously published models can be used to inform estimates. An Italian paper from 2008 modelled the relative effects of restricting air travel, vaccination and using anti-viral prophylactics to compare them:

Left Panel from Figure 3
Clinical AR, by control measure and scenario (R0 = 1.7).
black = baseline results; light blue =  90% air travel restriction; violet = AVP to household contacts; blue = vaccination, administering first dose within 3 months of the first world case for R0 = 1.7; grey = 90% air travel restriction+vaccination, as reported for the blue line; green = all control measures combined; red = all control measures combined, extending AVP to school/work close contacts.
Source: Mitigation Measures for Pandemic Influenza in Italy: An Individual Based Model Considering Different Scenarios

This model assumes the efficacy of anti-viral prophylaxis (AVP) at around 70%. It modelled its use only in restricted populations in contact with infected individuals at home and in schools. Even under these conservative assumptions, prophylaxis was by far the most effective tactic.

All evidence suggests Vitamin D would be even more effective than this.

Panacea? Silver Bullet?

I’m sick of hearing vitamin D is not a panacea or a silver bullet.

Everything we know suggests that Vitamin D Both Protects Against And Treats COVID19. We can give it more widely than traditional anti-viral prophylaxis: to entire populations.

This implies that it has the power – by itself – to end the pandemic and all lockdown measures. If this isn’t a panacea or silver bullet, then what is?

It is cheap , safe, and immediately actionable. There is no justifiable reason not to use it. All evidence suggests it should be the #1 tactic used in the pandemic management strategy.

Help End COVID19 Now

Help save lives, end the pandemic & unnecesary social restrictions:

  • Print and Share these Vitamin D Awareness Posters with schools, businesses and workplaces.
  • Share this information with your MP, political leaders and policy makers.
  • Click to Tweet, or share on other social media using the hastags #COVIDEndsWithD #JustD3It #4KADayKeepsTheDoctorAway #VitaminD #COVID19 and the link or this article.
Vitamin D Awareness Poster

Published by Gruff Davies

Gruff is a British scientist, tech entrepreneur, and author. He was named one of the World's Top 50 Innovators by Codex in 2019 at the Royal Society, London.

One thought on “Vitamin D Prophylaxis Can End The Pandemic

  1. “Are UK Government leaders really this scientifically illiterate?”. Nope, just plain old corrupt old bean: Big pharma investments innit?


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