Vitamin D Prophylaxis Can End The Pandemic

We have been calling for vitamin D to be used to fight COVID19 since March – now seven months. The evidence was overwhelming then but fell on deaf ears. We published a preprint of a formal proof that vitamin D could end the pandemic six weeks later in May, urgently calling for goverments to useContinue reading “Vitamin D Prophylaxis Can End The Pandemic”

Are we having a second wave? Of stupidity, yes.

Are we having a second wave of COVID-19? No! We haven’t even finished the first wave yet, and a second wave – if it happens* – wouldn’t start until winter. So, why did Matt Hancock tell us we are? Because the UK government and their advisors are scientifically illiterate. * 2021 UPDATE: I was clearlyContinue reading “Are we having a second wave? Of stupidity, yes.”